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The following table lists all of the seminars that are have taken place at The Courtyard Clinic.

All of the seminars are designed to be informative and helpful for all patients receiving healthcare at the clinic. They provide information and a friendly place for discussion in understanding all aspects of living with HIV.

Using the play arrow to the right of each seminar will display the YouTube™ video for that seminar.

Seminar 1: HIV and Your Body 20 October 2016
Dr Mark Pakianathan, Consultant in HIV/Sexual Health
Understanding HIV, its impact on how the body works and the different symptoms it can cause.
Seminar 2: Your Clinic Blood Tests 4 November 2016
Helen Webb, Clinical Nurse Specialist
A talk about the blood tests that are usually taken in clinic, why they are done and working out how to interpret results and what to look out for.
Seminar 3: HIV Transmission 18 November 2016
Dr Hegazi, Consultant HIV/Sexual Health
What are the real risks? An understanding of the risks of passing on HIV in different situations and circumstances.
Seminar 4: Research and Clinical Studies in HIV 2 December 2016
Dr Phillip Hay, Reader in HIV/Sexual Health Medicine
Understanding research, why it’s done, the benefits and potential disadvantages of taking part, contributing to improving knowledge and the development of new treatments.
Seminar 5: Antiretroviral Medicines 9 December 2016
Dr Mark Pakianathan, Consultant in HIV/Sexual Health
How do they work? This talk informs just how your medicines work in controlling the virus.
Seminar 6: Coping with Side Effects and Understanding Interactions with Other Medicines 6 January 2017
David Ogden, Pharmacy Team Leader
Improving your ability to self-manage and look after yourself when experiencing common side effects, when to discuss side effects with your clinic and also to understand better the potential for drug interactions.
Seminar 7: Getting Older, Living Longer 13 January 2017
Rachel Hill-Tout, Specialist Registrar in Sexual Health & HIV
As HIV is now a long term condition with one in five people now over the age of 50. This session explores how to keep healthy while getting older.
Seminar 8: Sexual Pleasures 27 January 2017
Ron Lamont & Amoy Chung, Counsellor & Psychosexual Therapists
Many people with HIV, gay and heterosexual have had sex lives interrupted or affected by having the diagnosis. This session explores barriers and potential solutions to improving your sex life.
Seminar 9: HIV and Emotional Well-being 1 March 2017
Simone & Mariam, Health Advisers
Living with HIV involves monitoring the condition physically with regular checkups and blood tests and reporting changes to the body. This session highlights the emotional and psychological effects and explores ways with how to enhance our emotional health.
Seminar 10: Chem-sex 8 March 2017
Mark Pakianathan, Consultant Physician
Looking at the relationship between drug use and HIV. Mark discusses the benefits and disadvantages of chem-sex.
Seminar 11: Being Positive About Being Positive 15 March 2017
Dr. Hegazi, Consultant HIV/Sexual Health
Outlining some useful facts and statistical information and discussing ways of coping and being positive about living with HIV and staying positive in mind and attitude.
Seminar 12: Home Delivery Service 22 March 2017
Ghadeer, Principal Pharmacist/Lead HIV/ID Services
Highlighting the different options of how people living with HIV can receive their medication and discussing what is involved with the home delivery service.
Seminar 13: HIV, Your Liver and Hepatitis C 22 March 2017
Helen Webb, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Information about treatment options for Hepatitis C if you are living with HIV. Helen informs of some statistical data, ways of transmission and how to prevent contracting Hepatitis C.
Seminar 14: Self-management and Peer Support 29 March 2017
Camille Pegus, HIV Advice & Assessment Worker
How to get the best out of ourselves and our support systems available for those living with HIV. Camille highlights and outweighs the benefits of engaging with peer support and tells of the success of those who have found the courage to attend support meetings etc.
Seminar 15: HIV Disclosure and Partner Notification 29 March 2017
Renee Aroney, Health Adviser
Taking a look at the pros and cons of discussing an HIV status amongst friends, family, work colleagues as well the legal issues around disclosure to sex partners and insurance companies.